world day against child labour

 a message, a poster against child labour, hemang anglay

a poster by graphic designer 

Hemang Anglay

Do I want to write big words about child labour like bonded labour, child trafficking, hazardous conditions and lost childhood in long hours!


Do I want to give big statistics for child labour – like an estimation of 167 to 250 million child labour worldwide!


Do I want to say that India has about 17 million child labour!


I am unable to see a Child Labour as Separate Identity from his poor family. It’s a Child-Labour-family and not just a child labour! A child contributes about 34%  to 37% of household income.

Am I not against child labour?

I Am Completely Against Child Labour.

But I am looking for Real Social Equality Solutions and not just laws and days and campaigns so that we can eradiate child labour from roots.


a graphic/poster against child labour, sunil tungaria

a graphic/poster by animation designer Sunil Tungaria ( idc-iitb : degree 44 show)


7 thoughts on “world day against child labour”

  1. India is the worst place in the whole world where people think about the bright future for their children but their thinking stops when they come for their bread and butter. This condition is only due to the Corrupt Political environment and due to the gap of rich and poor.Sorry to say that most of the child labor working for their basic needs.

    I wanna say to every Indian family that eat only one time in a day but invest the money for the education of their children and its my humble request to all the people of the world “PLEASE THINK POSITIVE” because its provides motivation and power for living in this world.

  2. Though I am graphic designer, I completely agree to Amrosh!
    people have talked about it and tried to create awareness on it, but then that does not solve the core issue for sure, mayb the communication needs to give solutions also; but then every medium comes with its own restriction…. by design, we are trying to create awareness on the issue so that people who can solve and others, get inspired to do so….. we are hoping for the best!

  3. Parents put their children into child labor not because they want to but have to ! Every child labor ad that has come out has been amazing but that has not solved child labor issues ! I know this is a design blog so I am not going into my usual socio-eco-poli- perspectives.

    ( You are free to delete this comment )

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