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world day against child labour

 a message, a poster against child labour, hemang anglay

a poster by graphic designer 

Hemang Anglay

Do I want to write big words about child labour like bonded labour, child trafficking, hazardous conditions and lost childhood in long hours!


Do I want to give big statistics for child labour – like an estimation of 167 to 250 million child labour worldwide!


Do I want to say that India has about 17 million child labour!


I am unable to see a Child Labour as Separate Identity from his poor family. It’s a Child-Labour-family and not just a child labour! A child contributes about 34%  to 37% of household income.

Am I not against child labour?

I Am Completely Against Child Labour.

But I am looking for Real Social Equality Solutions and not just laws and days and campaigns so that we can eradiate child labour from roots.


a graphic/poster against child labour, sunil tungaria

a graphic/poster by animation designer Sunil Tungaria ( idc-iitb : degree 44 show)