Zen with zing interiors



Interior Designer-architect: Galo Verdesoto

New York based architect-interior designer Galo Verdesoto’s interiors feel so fresh that I wonder colours of nature breathe inside or outside!

I feel that – a snail, morning sky, seasons and water – are playing right inside these houses.

Colourful pastel elegance rules here.

Can’t pin him down to one style but many which gives a Zen feeling but with a zing!

water must be the inspiration!

morning sky has come down!

flowers are chirping here!

seasons in full bloom!

Just continue reading to confirm what I am saying …..

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Landscape and architecture on a platter


Tree glasses

Designer: Snowden Flood

London based designer Snowden Flood is launching few exciting products at the Maison et Objet show in Paris. My favourite is these beautiful printed tree glasses – available as a set of four: Oaks, Firs, Birch Forest and Cherry Blossoms.

Her unmistakable style explores everyday surroundings but the products speak a pleasant, bold & a little uncommon language!

(Maison et Objet, 5- 9 September Villepinte Paris-Nord, Pavilion 5B, British European Design Group stand, no V44 – W 43)

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Trees and concrete


A house with courtyard in interior Maharashtra

Architects: Bijoy jain and Mehul patel @ Studio Mumbai

There are varieties of native trees in the construction site so what to do.

Weave the house around the trees!!!

The trees stand so naturally in architecture practiced by Studio Mumbai that it becomes immaterial that it is inside a house or a research center with eighteen laboratories!

A simple courtyard house constructed with brick and plaster by Studio Mumbai is my favourite. Another thing I appreciate about the architects is that they think process and anonymous workers are important. So they give as much importance to skill of bricklayers, stonemasons and carpenters who have no formal education as to any celebrated architect’s work! 

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A folk tale in typo


Hey friends, get, set, ready!

For a dynamic show! Wait,

For a dynamic typography show! Moment,

For a folk tale in dynamic typography By Saaib Zafar.


Here depicted are a few screen-shot of a Tamil folklore ‘Outwitting fate’ (project done in a movie form).


I believe this is a simple, superbly crafted and brilliant typo tale!

I haven’t come across such an exciting combination before!



An architectural graduate and graduating student at Degree 44 – IDC IIT Saaib Zafar dabbles in many areas of design other than dynamic typography. Check his Portfolio here.



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