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this Earth Day … biodegradable plastic

vashty bowl

(Designer: Tal Gur @ Art gallery 18)

(Polyethylene shaped via the rotation modeling technique.) 

I read this news today about biodegradable plastic here. We have been reading this kind of news and in fact there are bio-plastics (1, 2, 3) in the market. But they are for specific use, or expensive or at least still not available as everyday items.

When plastic will become bio-degradable plastic?

I will be celebrating Earth Day in truest of sense when real bio-plastic will become as common place and cheap as plastic!

Who is going to join me then?!

(for almost 2 hours my server was not greening at me at all!! Hope that it behaves green for the rest of the day!)

this Earth Day …

(Designer: Groovy @ artgallery18)

An outdated telephone handset (exception: still very much in use in India) recycled into a lovely single-flower vase. The vase is water sealed and cut on an angle.

Material:  Recycled plastic telephone handset 

This Earth Day I want to share, communicate, say and salute quite a few things!

And when I start posting with a plastic vase I do not just mean recycling. I want to say something else!

Stay tuned and please keep coming back!!

(I am going to do many posts today!)

oh deer!


dear deer

Idea: Bernhard Grafl

Designer & producer: Walking-Chair design studio



click (this pink line) to see what designers have to say about this!


To use with 2 branches, flowers, or whatever else you feel.

                                       Improvise & antlerise

I never ever liked antler trophy! Never feel this enhances decor of a space. An antler (or animal spread on the floor) by any design in a room always turns me off!

This one is thousand times better!

And I have to put  these lines of a Hindi poem –

“tumhari veerta ka praman

ek chidia ki nanhi si jaan

sadiyon se”

(A small little bird’s life is your bravery trophy always!)

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turn off

I wanted to do this visuals only post on water since months and I missed the world water day! So better late than never! If we I wake up, if I turn off even a day belated!


Gary Guydosh’s glass water sculpture @ uncommon goods


source (hopefully this is the original source?)


(please let me know the image source if you know!)


illusion tap at Law Garden, Ahmedabad


the-unwilling-water-taps-series yong jieyu.gif

the unwilling water taps!

designer Yong Jieyu ‘s project on clean water

Need I say more!?!

wear your health


Designer Janneke Hooymans @ Tzep

What is eating you out?

What are you eating?

What your child is eating?

Habits chew you or nourish you?

An apple a day.

The story goes like this…

There was this little girl called Janneke. Her mom used to give her an apple attached to a string that she could wear to school and eat whenever she felt like it.

This piece was designed with this story in mind.

Do you want to wear this simple design great idea piece?

pink for breast cancer awareness

Pink- for breast cancer awareness –

Pink in Indian women’s attire – the saree and salwar kameez for day to day wear and lehnga choli reserved for a little special occasion.


                                              the saree

 pink-sari.gif       pink-saree1.gif

                                          click to enlarge


                                       the lehnga choli


                                the salwar kameez (batik)

(Images via livinggallery, esareestore, Indiangarment)