oh deer!


dear deer

Idea: Bernhard Grafl

Designer & producer: Walking-Chair design studio



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To use with 2 branches, flowers, or whatever else you feel.

                                       Improvise & antlerise

I never ever liked antler trophy! Never feel this enhances decor of a space. An antler (or animal spread on the floor) by any design in a room always turns me off!

This one is thousand times better!

And I have to put  these lines of a Hindi poem –

“tumhari veerta ka praman

ek chidia ki nanhi si jaan

sadiyon se”

(A small little bird’s life is your bravery trophy always!)



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2 thoughts on “oh deer!”

  1. Hi Roma, The yellow flowers ( from the Forsythia bush) in the first image are the indicators of spring here in NJ. I noticed them the day I saw your post. And at times Deer too are seen crossing the rural country roads . Good post. Thanks.

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