copycats – red rules


via Craft In India

This crafty red  handcrafted vase is blod, a gorgeous bold brass vase.


Designer: Michael Neumayr @ Suite NY

Clara lamp with a vitreous porcelain lampshade and a satin finish.


 Bloom Chair @  Jantze Brogård Asshoff designs

A chair with a poetic soul – the little red chair is inspired by the peacent culture and the rich ornamentations of the time.

Materials: woolen felt with embroidery, steel pipe.

Warning: Copycats have nothing to do with cats or duplicity, copying someone! It has nothing to with copyright!

It is about similarity, like twins, like Siamese twins, matching objects, about object and furniture that complement each other.

Things that inspire each other.

It will be a long series. This is 1st in series.

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memory and ties


shopping bag

Designer: Mårten Lindquist @ Plenty Design

For some stiff upper neck freedom!

Wear your formality on your bag!

Tie-recycling! A shopping-bag by Plenty in collaboration with Beyond Retro Stockholm.


shower curtain

For those who are excellent bathroom singers but have problems with memory!

The one who can’t remember even one full song!

“Singing in the Rain” shower curtain. (Though I think it is a bit romantic…)



Again something for forgetfulness and mostly for paranoia!

The doormat ‘Reminder’ says:


The second one says: IRON, STOVE, WINDOW.

Put inside the door and don’t forget to look down. Or better put on the door itself!

(Don’t you worry- you are not alone -happens with all of us many a times!)



And at last if you are the cheating kind and the kind who feels guilty too!

This wallpaper ‘Glance’ is for you.

Watching eyes to make you constantly nervous!

For more of this Stockholm based designer Mårten Lindquist’s simple, fun creations go here.

greener Conscience or a clean Slate

All ye (can’t count me out so)

all of us power consumers answer my two questions :-

Is guilt an excellent motivator?

Or is it the money counting strategies that motivate our spending or saving?

So when asked how much electricity we have already consumed in terms of money, in terms of dollar – everyday or even every moment – do we sit up and start listening?

 Do we start changing our habits?

To green our Conscience and to start a clean SLATE – two greener gadgets – two electricity meters are here to help us.



Designer : Delroy Dennisur via Core77



Designer : Adam Chang via Core77

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twin hat-trick


Designer: Kedar Naik

Going to a party and you have nothing new to wear. Try this most inexpensive piece of jewellery and dazzle the crowd!

Paper jewellery – a very clever piece by Kedar Naik.


The neck piece gets lit when it is worn. Handmade paper stained with coffee. To accentuate the translucency and the texture of the paper small lights are inserted inside the cones.

Don’t go by the ‘just out of school’ innocent looks of this young Indian designer Kedar Naik; he has got quite a few very clever designs up his sleeves!

Here are few of his functional, clever and beautiful designs.




Twin is another of his cleverly designed leather bags. 2-in-1 looks!

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