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greener Conscience or a clean Slate

All ye (can’t count me out so)

all of us power consumers answer my two questions :-

Is guilt an excellent motivator?

Or is it the money counting strategies that motivate our spending or saving?

So when asked how much electricity we have already consumed in terms of money, in terms of dollar – everyday or even every moment – do we sit up and start listening?

 Do we start changing our habits?

To green our Conscience and to start a clean SLATE – two greener gadgets – two electricity meters are here to help us.



Designer : Delroy Dennisur via Core77



Designer : Adam Chang via Core77

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lift my thirst


When I saw this photo I immediately fell in love with this hippo roller drum. It is such a simple design and most probably I will never use it. But for the poor millions of this world and my country this is a design which lifts the load out of thier lives.



This step towards a more sustainable lifestyle is created by an architect and artist from Slovenia , Marjetica portc.

Few other people are also  involved in thinking about “the other 90% of the world (Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, NY ) ” and are making  similar efforts. Designers P J and J P S Hendrikse have designed this Q drum.