face of modern Indian interiors


Architects: ZZ Architects


Proper integration and maximum utilization of space have been achieved by ZZ architects so beautifully that they are ten steps ahead in creating these modern environments.



Their vision is clear. Let the design evolve on its own don’t borrow from anywhere!



It is better to let these spaces speak for themselves so I stay quiet!




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roses and peacocks


light box ‘Rose’

(Materials used acrylic, timber frame, wadding)

Designer: Helen Amy Murray

Helen Amy Murray, a young designer based in London has innovated surface relief with fabric manipulation!


silk Bowater skyline

This architectural piece has been created from silk crepe satin!

Using innovative techniques on luxury fabrics and materials including leather and suede, lightweight and heavyweight woven fabrics including silk; she creates stunning designs and patterns.


Danish tub peacock chair (Material: novasuede)

Her unique handcrafted creations in surface relief was motivated by carvings in wood and marble in India! She translates similar effects in textiles.

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fill the palace with colours


This is a palace from ancient Greece. Hey all you creative ones – fill this with colours on the ceiling, on the floor, on the walls – wherever you want! Be the interior-colour designer of this palace for a day!

Tomorrow I will post the colourful image and all the info.

(Actually I had other plans today, But my server is not working. I am trying to post through this awfully slow dial-up connection. Hope I get through!)

image via maat.sofiatopia

bend it like…

Bend it like Beckham…. Opppps….. or bend it like as you wish, as you want, as you create!


Designers: Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong @ roomsafari

I can’t resist telling about the story of my nephew first.

When he was very young he used to put any 3-4 things in sight together (hanky, phone, box, pin, thread, anything) and arrange in certain way and used to shout with glee -Hey! See I made a rocket, oven, a space ship, a telescope or a television!

Moral of the story: You don’t need too many and fancy things to create something – only a clever mind, openness and simplicity!


Take aluminium, be it brushed, piped or soft; doesn’t matter and bend and shape it. Lo and behold! Things are created to make life easy for you.

The beauty lies in designer‘s simplicity; in designer’s concern for your needs and being yogi (the one who doesn’t need much)!

So sir and ma’m here is aluminium and suction pads for many uses and few other things!


roomsafari01.gif roomsafari.gif


Multistation flexible holder’s bendable arms will take care of your favourite things.


No, don’t click the page away before you guess what it is!

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