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roses and peacocks


light box ‘Rose’

(Materials used acrylic, timber frame, wadding)

Designer: Helen Amy Murray

Helen Amy Murray, a young designer based in London has innovated surface relief with fabric manipulation!


silk Bowater skyline

This architectural piece has been created from silk crepe satin!

Using innovative techniques on luxury fabrics and materials including leather and suede, lightweight and heavyweight woven fabrics including silk; she creates stunning designs and patterns.


Danish tub peacock chair (Material: novasuede)

Her unique handcrafted creations in surface relief was motivated by carvings in wood and marble in India! She translates similar effects in textiles.

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tribal art modern gifts

Warli the tribal craft of Maharashtra, inspires these unique gifts:


warli pyramid lamp

Craftsperson Manik @ Craftsbridge

Warli pyramid lamp – A unique pyramid shaped lamp made in handmade Paper with traditional Warli painting on it.


chime warli clock (pinewood) (Manik)

The warli art depicts a group of warli women performing their traditional folk dance around the dial of the clock. The dangling wall clock is adorned at the top with a horizontal wooden section, which is also garnished with warli art. The wind chime is made from stone beads and seashells.


warli clock (Manik)

A very trendy, & colourful wall clock which has motifs of mother and child depicted in warli tribal painting.


warli desk organizer (pinewood)

Craftsperson Spellbound @ Craftsbridge


warli lamp shade (spellbound)