tribal art modern gifts

Warli the tribal craft of Maharashtra, inspires these unique gifts:


warli pyramid lamp

Craftsperson Manik @ Craftsbridge

Warli pyramid lamp – A unique pyramid shaped lamp made in handmade Paper with traditional Warli painting on it.


chime warli clock (pinewood) (Manik)

The warli art depicts a group of warli women performing their traditional folk dance around the dial of the clock. The dangling wall clock is adorned at the top with a horizontal wooden section, which is also garnished with warli art. The wind chime is made from stone beads and seashells.


warli clock (Manik)

A very trendy, & colourful wall clock which has motifs of mother and child depicted in warli tribal painting.


warli desk organizer (pinewood)

Craftsperson Spellbound @ Craftsbridge


warli lamp shade (spellbound)


6 thoughts on “tribal art modern gifts”

  1. Hi,
    I need a contact number, so that i can contact for warli products. I am a student who is associated with project warli which is a part of my college’s social cell. It would be really grateful if i could get a contact number so that i can discuss about Warli Clocks in detail

  2. hey,

    i loved ur clock, specially the one with chimes.

    Awesome work.

  3. hi I really love the work you’ve done. I am interested in purchasing some of the products. Do you undertake orders?
    If you do please do get back to me.
    Thanks alot,

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