industrial age-modern furniture


Designer Samira Rathod @ SRDA

Mumbai based architect and designer, the very versatile Samira Rathod set up her office- Samira Rathod Design Associates in year 2000. This trained architect  has earned quite a few awards and accolades for her furniture, product design and interiors.


Her incredible designs of lamps and furniture have the feel of rough edges and smooth-complex lines. The lamps (and even furniture pieces too) have magical reflective dimensions.


What I feel about these pieces: a feeling that I am transported back to the onset of machine age and that there is some modern age royalty standing with all its props and finery. Each piece has certain unsettling quality, each piece feels complete in itself, and each piece has a dimension I haven’t seen before.


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and the award goes to…


and the restoration award goes to…

Today Mumbai University’s vice – chancellor is going to receive Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Award of Distinction. Unesco is acknowledging restoration work of the 2000 sq ft Convocation Hall of Mumbai University completed last July. The hall is 132 years old. The conservation work was done by architect Abha Narain Lambah.


In June I had done a post ‘celebrating restoration’. Please check the beautiful images of architectural grandeur of Mumbai University in this post here.


These images via flickr- St. Simon, Balaji Bhardwaj, Alice’s Asylum. Check these links also for more beautiful images.