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A Courtyard Office

a Courtyard Office, an Elephant Village, a Garden Wall House, a Street in Attic!

What are these? And who can think of these types? I say only the one who is deeply rooted in building economically as well as socially sustainable lives! Rahul Mehrotra a veteran in Indian architecture scene is this person, I am going to talk about on this Environment day.

courtyard office

Architects: Rahul Mehrotra Associate Architects

How spaces can be used, how a courtyard can be used.

courtyard houses, seen many but this is a courtyard office.

(Coimbatore, India)

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Hide and Seek



A small playground at Deepalaya School, Guspethi, Haryana (India)

Architects: @ Romi Khosla Design Studio

Here basic architectural elements are turned upside down!

There is a playground in a house – a house in a play ground.

Let’s play hide and seek!

Doors and windows here take you to open space and walls are see-through and move too!

And if you need you can create your own private space as all the panels can pivot.

Romi Khosla a veteran Indian architect is an urban planner and author too.

Romi Khosla Design Studio is a Delhi based lead consultancy.


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house triangle


house triangle

Architects: @ mayaPRAXIS

This clever triangle house is designed by a young team @ mayaPRAXIS.

mayaPRAXIS is an architectural and design firm based in Bangalore. The primary motivation towards design for architects @ mayaPRAXIS is the opportunity to marry a wide palette of creative resources and constraints available in India.

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a haveli and a guest house

arts reverie

Arts Reverie

Arts Reverie is an exquisitely restored 1920’s haveli in the heart of Ahmedabad’s old City. It is run as a centre for creative arts professionals. In the heart of the bustling city this special guest house offers a unique home-stay experience.

arts reverie1

arts reverie5

It fosters international exchanges, a place where visual artists, writers, poets, musician, dancers, playwrights, visiting curators, academics, journalists, photographers, cultural study experts, architects and other creative professionals can stay.


arts reverie2

Arts Reverie is set in the heart of a traditional pol or enclosed neighbourhood. The house is a ground plus two storeyed structure with a floor area of 325 sq. mts. It represents the typology and evolution of traditional havelis with a grand facade with elaborate stucco work and decorative pediment.

arts reverie6

Originally belonging to a Jain jeweller, the restoration of the building was carried out by the Ahmedabad Heritage Centre as part of the Indo-French Cooperation Project. Traditional elements co-exist with modern conveniences such as a wire-free environment in contemporary interiors.

arts reverie3

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and the award goes to…


and the restoration award goes to…

Today Mumbai University’s vice – chancellor is going to receive Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Award of Distinction. Unesco is acknowledging restoration work of the 2000 sq ft Convocation Hall of Mumbai University completed last July. The hall is 132 years old. The conservation work was done by architect Abha Narain Lambah.


In June I had done a post ‘celebrating restoration’. Please check the beautiful images of architectural grandeur of Mumbai University in this post here.


These images via flickr- St. Simon, Balaji Bhardwaj, Alice’s Asylum. Check these links also for more beautiful images.