a haveli and a guest house

arts reverie

Arts Reverie

Arts Reverie is an exquisitely restored 1920’s haveli in the heart of Ahmedabad’s old City. It is run as a centre for creative arts professionals. In the heart of the bustling city this special guest house offers a unique home-stay experience.

arts reverie1

arts reverie5

It fosters international exchanges, a place where visual artists, writers, poets, musician, dancers, playwrights, visiting curators, academics, journalists, photographers, cultural study experts, architects and other creative professionals can stay.


arts reverie2

Arts Reverie is set in the heart of a traditional pol or enclosed neighbourhood. The house is a ground plus two storeyed structure with a floor area of 325 sq. mts. It represents the typology and evolution of traditional havelis with a grand facade with elaborate stucco work and decorative pediment.

arts reverie6

Originally belonging to a Jain jeweller, the restoration of the building was carried out by the Ahmedabad Heritage Centre as part of the Indo-French Cooperation Project. Traditional elements co-exist with modern conveniences such as a wire-free environment in contemporary interiors.

arts reverie3

Ahmedabad is home to art and culture, historic and modernist buildings and several national educational and creative institutes. Winding streets filled with houses, temples,cows, dogs, pedestrians and cyclists and tiny crossroads embrace the city. I can’t resist posting few of such images of the city.

pol fuersten4.gif

entrance of Swaminarayan temple (source)


facade of a carved wooden house (amazing!) of a pol (source)


neverending stretch of street life in old city of Ahmedabad (source)


international kite – festival


Akshardham Temple

modern building ahmedabad iipm.gif

IIPM – modern building


Sidi Saiyed mosque (image source)

stunning stone tracery in carved windows (jaali)

dandia paren.gif

dandia (source)



wooden door saad.gif

My in-laws had similar stunning carved wooden door in their village home. When they built their new house the door like other carved niches were just thrown away or burnt as fuel. My husband and I have never been able to pardon them for this! Gist of the matter is that in India such skill and carvings were so much in abundance that we forgot to care and recognise !!

                                                                                  (image source)

thela gadi fuersten2.gif

                                          work at rest – thelagadi (source)


Last but not the least some yummy things -Gujarati snacks ( healthy) – Dhoklas. (If you need the recipes do write to me.)                                                                       (image source)

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  1. Picture ‘pol fuersten4.gif’ is not the entrance of a pol, but the entrance of Swaminarayan temple (Shri Swaminarayan Mandir).

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