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Indian Art Hotel

prakriti room

Indian Art Hotel – Le Sutra

Prakriti (nature room)

Architects: Dr Art+ Design

Design team: Jehan Ara Poonawala, Ayaz Basrai, Zameer Basrai, Kunal Shah, Hemant Sonawane, Asmita Borwankar, Jignasha Doshi, Arefa Tevawala, Deepashri Chavan, Neil Dantas, Juhi Gupta, Aviral saxena, and Abhijeet Gondkar.

Le Sutra, Indian art hotel in Mumbai has extraordinary design focus. Here Indian mythology, philosophy and history get translated into comfortable hospitality, one which might take you to look inwards and upwards or at least tell hundreds of stories.

This 3 – storey refurbished, recently opened hotel (Bajaj hotels group) is resplendent with contemporary Indian art and craft based on worldview of Indian philosophy – 3 ‘Gunas’ (human attributes): tamas, rajas and sattva.

Gunas are tendencies or form of energy that exist within people, nature and things; connoting their temperaments, psychology and constitution; essential to the evolution of consciousness.

Each level is named after one ‘Guna’ and Le Sutra hotel has total of 16 rooms based on ‘characters’ (Ravana, Ashoka, Buddha) or ‘characteristics’ (sensuality, love, purification).

You can take a little tour of LeSutra website to know meaning of each elements laid out in various rooms. But today I am here to celebrate designers, artists and visualizers who made this Indian-dream possible by paying amazing attention to detail; be it flooring, bathroom, bed, chairs, cushion, lamps, inlays or artifacts.

Above image of Prakriti room on ‘Satvic’ floor symbolizes nature at physical and ethereal level. The beautiful painting in the room is by Ajay Gulati.

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a haveli and a guest house

arts reverie

Arts Reverie

Arts Reverie is an exquisitely restored 1920’s haveli in the heart of Ahmedabad’s old City. It is run as a centre for creative arts professionals. In the heart of the bustling city this special guest house offers a unique home-stay experience.

arts reverie1

arts reverie5

It fosters international exchanges, a place where visual artists, writers, poets, musician, dancers, playwrights, visiting curators, academics, journalists, photographers, cultural study experts, architects and other creative professionals can stay.


arts reverie2

Arts Reverie is set in the heart of a traditional pol or enclosed neighbourhood. The house is a ground plus two storeyed structure with a floor area of 325 sq. mts. It represents the typology and evolution of traditional havelis with a grand facade with elaborate stucco work and decorative pediment.

arts reverie6

Originally belonging to a Jain jeweller, the restoration of the building was carried out by the Ahmedabad Heritage Centre as part of the Indo-French Cooperation Project. Traditional elements co-exist with modern conveniences such as a wire-free environment in contemporary interiors.

arts reverie3

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spaceship resort 2012


I am doing this post (1)to satiate the teenager/child inside me who wide eyed used to dream of space colonies after reading any  articles about space in magazines.
(Though this news is 4 days old, I still have to do this post)
(2)And also for a special post I am going to do a little later.
Once again we have been promised space transportation, and inhabitats. Report in brief:—

The orbital resort: Galactic suite
The place: space
The architecture: tube like
The interiors: 4 meters high X 7 meters wide capsule rooms      with Velcro walls and huge windows
The view: 15 sunsets in a day
                   And the sphere of blue earth.
3 nights stay cost: $ 4.15 millions
Feeling: comfy-no, have to stick on walls like a spider
Thrilling- yes, to the bones
Transcendental-no/ yes, only if I stop feeling excitedly scary.
Recommended for: all of us who have weight issues,
                                      As in galactic suite we would be feeling       absolute weightlessness.
Reservations: already on
Resort foundation laid: no
Project: being designed
                Constructions plan requirements underway
Architects and space engineers, if you want to, you can join them.



This is what Xavier Claramunt, the architect, designer from Spain has envisioned.

Earlier (a few years ago) Robert Bigelow has also announced similar plans of space hotel which was to realize in 2008. I checked their website. They are making advances but yet not talking anything concrete about the date of launch.

For now, a space theme hotel on the earth would suffice.


          Space park hotel, Bremen, Germany


live inside a quarry


A stunning concept of a resort hotel inside a water-filled quarry in China’s Songjiang district near Shanghai. Additional photos and information you can find here. 

Actually I have spent a good amount of time (12 years) in a Colliery. I have been inside a coal mine and to a quarry too. In India there have been many tragic accidents in mines.

So this concept to me is awe inspiringly beautiful.

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