live inside a quarry


A stunning concept of a resort hotel inside a water-filled quarry in China’s Songjiang district near Shanghai. Additional photos and information you can find here. 

Actually I have spent a good amount of time (12 years) in a Colliery. I have been inside a coal mine and to a quarry too. In India there have been many tragic accidents in mines.

So this concept to me is awe inspiringly beautiful.


The songjiang hotel is not only a stunning concept it echoes green principles.

This Hotel will be a five-star resort hotel set within a beautiful water-filled quarry close to Shanghai in China, and is expected to be completed by May, 2009.

The innovative design of the 400-bed resort hotel stands two levels higher than the rock face of the 100 meter deep quarry and includes underwater public areas and guestrooms. An aquatic theme runs through the design both visually and functionally. Curved wings of the main body of the guestrooms enclose a naturally lit internal atrium, which uses the existing rock face with its waterfalls and green vegetation. Sports facilities and a ten-meter deep aquarium are also included in the plan.

Sustainability is integral to the design ranging from using green roofing for the structures above the ground level to geothermal energy extraction.

The city of Songjiang is also being developed as garden city.

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  1. if wishes were horses and beggars would ride, I would. I was eyeing some of the factory kinds/powerhouse structures around where I stay. They are nabbed by the real estate companies and converted into condos- the boxy luxury style – a complete eye sore

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