leave me alone


The element of constant fun is necessary for us as we struggle with a difficult boss, traffic or kids’ studies everyday. I wonder why very few people try fun things in there decor. It certainly is no easy thing to achieve a comfy, elegant as well as fun decor style.

If I had  such a hallway I would tempted to put things straight or make a comment every time I walked by.

swing to next dimension


royal swing

I was setting up my new home. In Mumbai space is at premium. Still I wanted a swing in my living room.



I spent days planning as to which corner to put it  as a swing needs a lot of space. At one time I wanted to give up the idea and exasperatedly asked my husband what to do. Should I adjust anyhow or ?

His reply was an eye opener. He said a swing gives you another dimension of space and time! Don’t you want to experience it.


happy ever after


Swing by Viteo

Yes, Indians , from generations knew  the pleasure of swinging. Specially a Gujarati ( a state of india) home will not be complete without  a jhulo or hinchako( swing).


double swing

Certain parts of India even celebrate onset of rainy season with “swing day ” ceremony.


silver foil covered jhoola

These are traditional and new age swings. It sure is a seat which puts you at another level.  Go swing away!