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Indian Art Hotel

prakriti room

Indian Art Hotel – Le Sutra

Prakriti (nature room)

Architects: Dr Art+ Design

Design team: Jehan Ara Poonawala, Ayaz Basrai, Zameer Basrai, Kunal Shah, Hemant Sonawane, Asmita Borwankar, Jignasha Doshi, Arefa Tevawala, Deepashri Chavan, Neil Dantas, Juhi Gupta, Aviral saxena, and Abhijeet Gondkar.

Le Sutra, Indian art hotel in Mumbai has extraordinary design focus. Here Indian mythology, philosophy and history get translated into comfortable hospitality, one which might take you to look inwards and upwards or at least tell hundreds of stories.

This 3 – storey refurbished, recently opened hotel (Bajaj hotels group) is resplendent with contemporary Indian art and craft based on worldview of Indian philosophy – 3 ‘Gunas’ (human attributes): tamas, rajas and sattva.

Gunas are tendencies or form of energy that exist within people, nature and things; connoting their temperaments, psychology and constitution; essential to the evolution of consciousness.

Each level is named after one ‘Guna’ and Le Sutra hotel has total of 16 rooms based on ‘characters’ (Ravana, Ashoka, Buddha) or ‘characteristics’ (sensuality, love, purification).

You can take a little tour of LeSutra website to know meaning of each elements laid out in various rooms. But today I am here to celebrate designers, artists and visualizers who made this Indian-dream possible by paying amazing attention to detail; be it flooring, bathroom, bed, chairs, cushion, lamps, inlays or artifacts.

Above image of Prakriti room on ‘Satvic’ floor symbolizes nature at physical and ethereal level. The beautiful painting in the room is by Ajay Gulati.

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An Artist’s Residence

Bose residence

Architects: MO-OF

MO-OF is a collaboration of two principal Architects – Shantanu Poredi and Manisha Agarwal.

The remodelled interior is created connecting two one bed room apartments. Dynamic colourfull strokes quintessential of artist Bose Krishnamachari are truly reflected in these interiors. Open and flexible spaces are created with sliding, shifting and folding  and use of furniture.

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'every space is truly unique'

It so happened that an interiors store Yamini asked Indian photographer Pallon Daruwala to do some work for them. Pallon went to a place called Cannanore (South India). The images he came back with made people at Yamini sit back and think. They drew inspiration from his images and created a whole new line of products!

Interiors spaces from the lens of Photographer –

pallon daruwala interiors1.gif

His black and white beauties first:–

pallon daruwala interiors.gif

pallon daruwala interiors3.gif

pallon daruwala interiors6.gif  pallon daruwalainteriors5.gif

The photographer says – every space is truly unique.



                  Hey breeze! You disturbed me so beautifully!


                                       cozy in or go out?


Please donot use or copy these images without photographer’s written permission.

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a shade of simple brilliance in opulence

Most people know them as maharajas (kings) of Indian fashion, the reviving kings of chikan, jardozi and sequins & beadwork craft. They claim that they do not make garments, they make heirlooms.



        a high chair with mirror inlay done in wood



                                traditional entrance

The designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla is known for words like opulence, magnificence and splendour.
Few people know that this maximalist to the core duo also does the interiors. They are sought after by India’s Hollywood actors and top businessmen for their ‘architecturally-designed chairs’.
What; I like, in their work is a shade of brilliance here and there.(See the chair, mirror work ceiling and dining table with chairs like drawers).

Interesting is to note that both have started their work with design related fields but lack proffessional training.


     ceiling with embroidered mirror work


     earthy restroom with Dholpur stone


                 fibreglass mask lights


          dining table with slide in chairs


                        slate and mirror study desk