'every space is truly unique'

It so happened that an interiors store Yamini asked Indian photographer Pallon Daruwala to do some work for them. Pallon went to a place called Cannanore (South India). The images he came back with made people at Yamini sit back and think. They drew inspiration from his images and created a whole new line of products!

Interiors spaces from the lens of Photographer –

pallon daruwala interiors1.gif

His black and white beauties first:–

pallon daruwala interiors.gif

pallon daruwala interiors3.gif

pallon daruwala interiors6.gif  pallon daruwalainteriors5.gif

The photographer says – every space is truly unique.



                  Hey breeze! You disturbed me so beautifully!


                                       cozy in or go out?


Please donot use or copy these images without photographer’s written permission.


pdr61.gif pdr66.gif

                          but he was here a moment ago! 


Don’t miss sepia toned landscape series on his website (it is an altogether different experience).

Want to see few more interiors images. See here.

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8 thoughts on “'every space is truly unique'”

  1. Hey Vineeta,
    don’t stop! the procees, the real discussion must ensue from any post thats how it becomes worth it!

  2. You are so right- Photography can be hugely inspiring- The fact that yamini designed a new line of furnishing inspired by his photographs- I can so identify with that- In my line of work- when Im putting together a ‘look’ for whatever- a campaign, a brochure- even a simple visiting card- for me the 1st process is to look and look and fill my senses with visual inspiration. sometimes the minute we r briefed- something rather definite pops into my head- at other times (most other times) the above mentioned technique works like a charm. I have had my writer come up with an entirely different campaign basis the visuals we’ve got. Im sorry if Im going on and on- this is obviously close to my heart.

  3. Hi Bhavna,
    I ‘ll check. Generally I do yahoo & google search. We should find out how to come up in at least top 50. (if u find out, do let me know too)
    that bricks one, oh I like that too(see my banner!).

  4. Hi Claudia,

    yes a few people among us and around us are able to throw fantastic amount of inspiration, I think Pallon achievs that!
    And you , you are kidding, I think you do great work! I just had a glance, let me explore your blog and I will be able to use right words. A very warm welcome to designflute!

  5. The third colored image from top – thats my kind of room!

    I really like Pallon’s work – he has the knack of bringing the best out in the simplest of homes. I did a post on his work a couple of months back, and really enjoyed reading through your post and seeing new images..

  6. wow, photography is such a science AND an art! i’ve been practicing, hope i can take even ONE like that someday!! thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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