modern Indian architecture

Modern Indian architecture and interior with traditional twinge

“None of the homes we design have screaming facades. They have nothing to prove to anyone”, says the architect Sandeep Khosla.




Architect Sandeep Khosla, based in Bengaluru uses tropical residential architecture with local and new materials turning traditional concepts into innovative interpretations. The way he blurs the line between indoors and outdoors is clever and adorable.



He with his associate Amaresh Anand (khosla associate) creates spaces which are heady mix of ideas, layers, textures, levels, water bodies and pebbled planes. He balances basic energies with natural and luxe materials, solid walls and glass expanses side by side.





                                     mtv office, Bengaluru

“None of the homes we design …. says the architect. Agree; a solid rustic bench, blushing pink, Indian colours, raw silk overhead lamp, a tree inside the house, ‘neel blue’ accent door creates such a seamless whole you think you have best of both the worlds.


                               restoration-180 proof,bengaluru





                                        restoration -1864           



17 thoughts on “modern Indian architecture”

  1. All very nice. The thing that bothers me is that like Indian education there are two sides of Indian Architecture and design, the elitist and the dis-franchised (who for the most part form the bulk) and on whose condition and wealth India is judged by the world,which is one reason why Indian products and services are the chepest, as no one wants to pay more for products form the impoverished, this leads to a vicious circle). There is a good reason why the developed countries focus on the masses and are always on the look out for them through social reforms so the elite can maintain their standards.

  2. Hi I just am so inspired by the designs.!I am an artifact designer and have just the kind of stuff he may want to use! could you help me get in touch with him?

  3. Hi! Can anyone help me to find details about MTV headquater’s design, studios, offices, etc..?
    I am student, 5th year architecture.

  4. This is very neat. Over the years I’ve been seeing alot of his work in Indian design magazines. I especailly love the MTV office he has desighed- just check the innovative way in which he has used the rick! SUPERB post!

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