traditional adaptations




 Designer: Shweta Jain

This Delhi based young designer has her hands full of all kinds of designs. Shweta Jain, the incredibly versatile designer draws her inspiration from various things like musical instruments, a sailboat and mainly rich Indian traditional crafts. She is also into photography. Few of her beautiful and exotic renderings from a huge portfolio



A CD rack out of wood and glass drawing inspiration from a sailboat.


on the beach – series


who says glamour is black – series


its rich when its India- series

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fall between the pages


                            raking aside leaves

                                 on the background pond

                                              I release the moon.

                                                      – A haiku by H. F. Noyes


Dry leaves between the pages started with my botany student sister years ago. This is one project which is ever going. I did it too and now my daughters have a few thick notebooks full of dry leaves and flowers.

This is what my elder daughter did for her school project – a wall hanging.

The creepers are of dried tomato plants. Orchids and bougainvillea flowers are kept as it is. The body of butterfly is made of rose leaves. The feathery wild growth (?) (on the right side) and wings of butterfly are coloured.

The wings of butterfly with their antennas are absolutely untouched-see the nature’s perfect cuts!

I can’t recognize these leaves (I mean the wings of butterfly ones). Anybody know? May be Robyn of garden rooms will be able to tell us.


                          This photo by Daxiang Stef – via Flickr.

tippler chair and stacker'd

Young Indian designer, Garima Aggarwal based in Ahmedabad is a civil engineer by education and furniture designer in the making.

Her conceptual and sample products talk loud enough to tell us what kind of furniture designer she is in the making!


slide n stack


‘Slide n stack’ is an adjustable shelving system that takes inspiration from bamboo grass. It has movable rods, acrylic shelves and back lit stainless steel panel.


the tippler chair


The inspiration for ‘tippler chair’ is wine glass. Ergonomically designed this chair has won her Edida Elle Décor 07 student’s category award.




Stacker’d is a sustainable design which gets my full votes. Made from corrugated paper, it is light weight and needs no adhesive.

(see her profile here too)