solar drive & paddle


I play no golf yet I want this solar powered roof top kit which can be fitted on a golf cart. This could be a mini-use car for me. If I just want to drive around the neighbourhood, pick up the kids or drop them off for their extra-curricular lessons, I would use such a car. Cruise Car Inc. of Florida, USA is making Sunray solar roofkit which is an easy-to-install retrofit that allows most popular golf cart models to go solar. sm_model2028-sx2_red.gifThese solar panels can generate upto 180 watts, 60. As long as the vehicle is in the sun, the battery is constantly recharging itself through the solar panel. Converting a cart with a solar top will benefit the end user by increasing the distance the cart can go on a single charge by 30%.

From the same company this one is Kudo series 14-seater vehicle which is available in solar-power mode. Cost of such vehicle is still a prohibiting factor (for me but normal for golf cart buyer) but I welcome the technology.

solar-powered-vehicles.gifIn the new generation age of cheaper photovoltaic cells-development, journey to solar power is inching ahead but with a slow pace so I am greedy eyed about every new development, product or machine.

Another solar power gizmo which has my attention at the moment is …..

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