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I play no golf yet I want this solar powered roof top kit which can be fitted on a golf cart. This could be a mini-use car for me. If I just want to drive around the neighbourhood, pick up the kids or drop them off for their extra-curricular lessons, I would use such a car. Cruise Car Inc. of Florida, USA is making Sunray solar roofkit which is an easy-to-install retrofit that allows most popular golf cart models to go solar. sm_model2028-sx2_red.gifThese solar panels can generate upto 180 watts, 60. As long as the vehicle is in the sun, the battery is constantly recharging itself through the solar panel. Converting a cart with a solar top will benefit the end user by increasing the distance the cart can go on a single charge by 30%.

From the same company this one is Kudo series 14-seater vehicle which is available in solar-power mode. Cost of such vehicle is still a prohibiting factor (for me but normal for golf cart buyer) but I welcome the technology.

solar-powered-vehicles.gifIn the new generation age of cheaper photovoltaic cells-development, journey to solar power is inching ahead but with a slow pace so I am greedy eyed about every new development, product or machine.

Another solar power gizmo which has my attention at the moment is …..

….is this bicycle.


I always use cycle with child-like glee. (Consider this in Indian context! You won’t find anyone here with a cycle on road of my age!)

The E-V Sunny Bicycle has light absorbing Solar panels built right into the Wheels, creating continual power from the Sun’s Rays, and maintaining a constant charge to the batteries. The bike is propelled by a 500 watt front hub motor. The variable speed electronic controller drives the bike to speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. Canadian Entrepreneur, Peter Sandler of Therapy Products has Invented this E-V Sunny Bicycle; the first all Solar electric bicycle.

This bike info via Reuben Miller.

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