'every space is truly unique'

It so happened that an interiors store Yamini asked Indian photographer Pallon Daruwala to do some work for them. Pallon went to a place called Cannanore (South India). The images he came back with made people at Yamini sit back and think. They drew inspiration from his images and created a whole new line of products!

Interiors spaces from the lens of Photographer –

pallon daruwala interiors1.gif

His black and white beauties first:–

pallon daruwala interiors.gif

pallon daruwala interiors3.gif

pallon daruwala interiors6.gif  pallon daruwalainteriors5.gif

The photographer says – every space is truly unique.



                  Hey breeze! You disturbed me so beautifully!


                                       cozy in or go out?


Please donot use or copy these images without photographer’s written permission.

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