photoart architecture

Along with the camera, Bengaluru based Indian photographer Pallon Daruwala uses light and space as his tools. His love for the uncluttered and clean lines is evident in his work.

A leader in his own right he is dubbed as an advertising or industrial photographer. But I refuse to agree. I call him documentative photographer of architecture and interiors. In fact he has done lot of fashion photography too.

What I find enduring about his work is that his images are intimate and distant at the same time!

I simply love his interiors and architectural images.

And his architectural images are pieces of art!

I have wasted 4 days deciding which images to put and which ones too leave out. I can’t do justice to his work if I put everything together.

So here is Pallon Daruwala’s work in two posts- 1st on architecture and 2nd on interiors.


pallon daruwala.gif

pallon daruwala.gif

pallon daruwala.gif

pallon daruwala3.gif

pallon daruwala6.gif


Please donot use or copy these images without photographer’s written permission.

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