nine nights

view-from-zanana-gargi-rain.gif feminism.gif doli.gif 

  view from zanana,         feminism,                      doli

me-and-my-pet-nazia-pithapurwala.gif bharti-prajapati.gif the-frenchmans-house.gif 

me and my pet,                 untitled,              the frenchman’s housedistant-boat-suman-gupta.giflady-in-pink-jignasa-doshi.gifbehind-the-plants-rita-mitra.gif 

distant boat,                       lady in pink,               behind the plants

Navratri-nine nights, the Indian festival is going to end tonight. Different parts of India celebrate it differently. (How and why see here, here and here.)

But mainly, nine forms of  Shakti (power) (metaphor for goddess Durga) i.e. female divinity are worshipped.

Here is my modern way to celebrate navratri with nine Indian women artists’ work on canvas about women’s -emotions, situation, modernity, entrapment and hopes…..

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