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Happy Republic Day!



Human Chair By Martin Azua

For this piece of furniture you don’t need any material support!

And in addition see how it bonds people together!

On this Republic Day what better we need than a ‘Human Chair’ – absolutely heart warming project by Barcelona based Martin Ruiz De Azua.

Must check the ‘Human Chair’ video on his website (click on projects)

See some  flag hoisting I did in earlier post.


Design Ganesha – 3


I had no plans to post any Ganesha image. But just see to what imagination length we go to design our enduring lord Ganesha!

 Modern day mouse-ii Ganesha!!

You can see  Design ganesha ? part – I here &

                                                   part -II here.

(image courtesy bsnl broadband print advertisement)

nine nights

view-from-zanana-gargi-rain.gif feminism.gif doli.gif 

  view from zanana,         feminism,                      doli

me-and-my-pet-nazia-pithapurwala.gif bharti-prajapati.gif the-frenchmans-house.gif 

me and my pet,                 untitled,              the frenchman’s housedistant-boat-suman-gupta.giflady-in-pink-jignasa-doshi.gifbehind-the-plants-rita-mitra.gif 

distant boat,                       lady in pink,               behind the plants

Navratri-nine nights, the Indian festival is going to end tonight. Different parts of India celebrate it differently. (How and why see here, here and here.)

But mainly, nine forms of  Shakti (power) (metaphor for goddess Durga) i.e. female divinity are worshipped.

Here is my modern way to celebrate navratri with nine Indian women artists’ work on canvas about women’s -emotions, situation, modernity, entrapment and hopes…..

Continue reading nine nights

design Ganesha

In modern times, in changing India, I think He defines among other things Design. People portray Him in as many avatars as you could imagine. You can take any form, any material, you can also experiment. Devotee community is not going to pour wrath on you. Even lord Ganesha does not mind having as many avataras. He is the most loved one.

The lord Ganesha has become the true epitome of omnipresent God. He has many names. People start any kind of new work with His auspicious name. His 10 day worship-celebration starts today.

For me it is design celebration too. I will be posting one image everyday in my sidebar. I just love him (no, not religiously). I love the elements he stands for.

It is very difficult to take out a few from thousands of images but as promised here are few I love most….


Durga with Ganesha

This is a Jamini Roy (1887-1972) painting. I am having this in form of a newspaper cutting since I was a teenager. It is yellowed and edges torn, still I refuse to throw it.


Ganesha with banana leaves

Read here his story in detail with illustrations.


We, Indians try to search him everywhere. He is here in a flower. (via flickr-by Rakesh Soni)


Legend behind legend tells us that Ganesha was the best writer, the one who did not make any mistake, the one who could write non-stop. This was the reason Vedvyasa chose him as the writer and he himself narrated the epic Mahabharata.

Read here legends of Ganesha.



Dancing Ganesha


So interiory-fabriki Ganesha I had seen this year only.


Ganesha with flute

How will you draw him, how will you craft him?

Edit: I had put 10 images everyday during Ganesha Chaturthi in my sidebar. Here are those images.

rakhi-the thread of bond

Rakhi-the thread of love and protection:

I do not know of any Indian festival without at least one element of design entwined into it. Rakhi is no exception. In fact it is so laden with crafts and designs that with changing fashion and market new avatars of rakhi keep coming.


The sister ties a rakhi on the right hand of brother and brother is thus bound with love to protect the sister. The history of rakhi is told here.


Today, rakhi is also market and convenience driven.

I live in a metro city. So the work and distance to my brother’s place had me tie rakhi to him on Sunday already. But my daughters tied rakhi to my husband (his sister stays too far away, on her behalf) today.


The Chinese are always so eager to penetrate any and every market. They are already into our rakhi festival. Indian markets are full of made in china rakhis.


Our film industry does not remain far behind. In kid’s rakhi there is always an element of advertisement. Hanuman rakhis, Jadu or Ganesha my friend rakhis (films released or to be released) become the most popular too.


Rakhis originally made with colorful threads have taken many embellishments with it. From beads, jari and zardosi to stone, diamonds and even swarovski crystals and gold, silver designs are woven with threads. In the small scale industry of rakhi making, now big gold and diamond brands also want to have a say.


Generally brothers sport rakhis but in few casts (Marwar-Rajasthan) woman too wear rakhis. Today we too are tempted to wear rakhis.  Not only we sisters get promise of protection we get fabulous gifts from brothers too. 

A few; Types of rakhis.


And if you are smitten by rakhi, you can make one on your own: a few DIY projects for how to make rakhis.


                               thali (dish) decoration with rakhi

(Rakhi images courtesy chennaibazaar, homeindia, indiagiftsportal).