make it or break it

And somewhere there are engineers

Helping others fly faster than sound.

But, where are the engineers

Helping those who must live on the ground?”

                   –Young Oxfam Poster on this site.



magicfan.gifHe has an engineering degree from best institution in India and still we can say he is a teacher. He is a toy teacher who teaches children how to make simple toys from inexpensive materials which hold a little science secret. Children are not bothered with any heavy explanation, they just have fun! He says learning by experience sticks in the memory.

Arvind Gupta has conducted workshops for children in more than 1,500 schools across India. He has taken his toy-tours to quite a few countries.

 He has written several books on science for children and translated several more. At present he has been working at the Children’s Science Centre, Pune.


                                     mgaical pencil holder

pam04.gif cokeaeroplane022.gif

               dancer                         can aeroplane

floating081.gif balloonpump085.gif

          ball in the air                            balloon pump

His site is a treasure house of toys-DIY (+200) , digitized books and few films.

Do not miss this site –:all of you who have school-going young children!

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  1. Love it! I am going to show my oldest daughter this when she gets home. Very cool indeed. Thanks for stopping by, my old bookmarks were lost, and I missed a few people over the last little while. I changed computers. You are rebookmarked, yay!

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