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Deep Stambh Table

table designDesigners: Sanjeev panjabi and Sangeeta Merchant @ Spasm Design

The design studio, Spasm Design architects operates from India and East Africa with a non-compromising attitude which says “do not theorize, do not promote a method or solution and do not think the process is any way similar in every project.”

Love this table with South India traditional brass lamps legs!

More to come of this firm’s work on DesignFlute!

* Deep Stambh means tower of light/lamp tower/lit pillar. Deep is a lamp and stambh is pillar in Sanskrit and Hindi.

Deep stambhs have architecture and history of its own. Generally erected or made near a temple with many levels for lamps.

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The Mural City – Udaipur

udaipur, mural, christopher bettig

Udaipur, India

A book by Christopher Bettig on murals of Udaipur

Udaipur, India” is a 50 page full color book ($30) of photographs from India. Photographed during October, 2008; the book documents the beauty and decay of murals painted throughout the amazing city of Udaipur.

Christopher Bettig is a French artist based in Los Angeles. Check out his other works at his design studio The Mountain Label.


See more mural images taken by Christopher here.

christopher bettig, udaipur,murals-book

above 3 images: source: The Mountain Label


In the text books or travel notes one finds Udaipur described as lake city.

It is!  Some say it is city of palaces. It is! But it is also the city of  murals/ street painting/wall painting!!

For us Indians our rich cultural heritage is just everyday life! Nah?!

 bengal*foam, flickr

source: bengal*foam

Dey, udaipur, murals, street painting

source: Dey

pixeloflight, udaipur, murals

source: Pixeloflight

dey, murals, udaipur

source: Dey

Go for more images here:  (1)      (2)      (3)      (4)       (5)       (6)  or   (7)


Decor from South Africa


Weaver bowl

(Three quarters of a natural ostrich egg shell polished and perched on 3 metal legs!)

Designers: @ Jacaranda Style

These are few stunning pieces made out of ostrich egg shell.

The egg shell is collected after the ostrich chick hatches.

The artisan is the heart of Jacaranda Style. (Says their website!)

Artisans are from South Africa.

Supporting artists and creating meaningful employment is an integral part of Jacaranda Style’s mission.

Dori Rootenberg is the founder and sole curator of the Jacaranda Style collection.

A portion of every sale is donated to the Ethembeni School for disabled children in South Africa.

Mosaic Frame

Thousands of ostrich egg shell shards are used to create this stunning frame. No two frames come out same as handwork and natural materials are used in creation.


Egg bowl – gold

A part of an ostrich egg – hand carved, polished and painted with gold metallic colour.

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adventures of a little deer

adventures of a little deer, Sylvia Jokelová, household accessories 

Designer: Sylvia Jokelová @ Creater

When a housewife wants to write adventures of a little deer; the deer takes a journey from traditional motifs of Slovak folk embroidery to comic world and materials also change from ceramics to plastic. And the story gets written thus:

adventures of a little deer, Sylvia Jokelová, household accessories

Sylvia Jokelová is a Slovak designer.

These are prototype designs(?).

tea anyone?


Designers: @Creativoo

A young team of designers @ Creativoo based in Shanghai, China have designed  these teapots based on Chinese astrological mouse.

Well the mouse is not my favourite though I think first thing I learnt to draw was a mouse!

But I love these teapots. The perfect flow, a dash of origami and a golden touch by Creativoo designers makes these pots too cute!

Chinese teapot

Go check the whole range here.

And yes 2008 is Year of the Mouse.


enduringly Indian furnishing


champa collection

Designers: Sheila Nambiar and Shruti Phagre-Mahajan @ Eucalyptus

I am so tempted to put the title of this post in Hindi – borrowing from an old Hindi song:

Champa – Chameli muskaye {meaning: Champa and Chameli (both are flowering plants) are smiling.} I am not doing that. But let me warn you I am emotional at the moment!

These home-furnishing products are designed by two very talented young designers (NID ians + MS University @ Vadodara-ites) Sheila Nambiar and Shruti Phagre-Mahajan.

Brand new in the market they do not fail to entice you with a very thoughtful and ‘full of memories’ collection.

A lot of India – things Indian, memories of bygone era, Indian native plants have got expressed in their collections! Indian tradition is at rework here.

Though very Indian in theme and colours yet collections has absolutely minimalist and contemporary feel.

chaupad collection

Each and every collection transports me to a different land and era.

Chaupad – lets play- anybody game!

The ancient dice game of India inspires this rich blue Mangalgiri runner embroidered with Kantha.

If you know how to, you can actually play chaupad on it with cowries and gotis.


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