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preserve moments

kishyu series

Artist: Kazumi Harnett

Where wet clay is inspired by the undulating rural landscape, the curves and rhythms of hills and the textures and patterns of agricultural land.

Where fluidity of the material is manipulated in such a way to leave marks and textures on the surface to preserve moments of making process.

ryumon series

Where young and talented ceramisist Kazumi Harnett uses coarse stoneware clay to make these ?& ? pieces.

My dear friends here.

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a bead for architecture


medieval village

Artist : Denise Perreault

Create a village with glass beads: a medieval village – is created by Colorado based glass beads artist Denise Perreault. In this creation she has used apart from glass seed beads; Swarovski crystals, crosses, and findings hung from antique train ram rod.

She is always fascinated by refracted light, the prisms; right since her childhood! So when her beaded glass curtains (valance) sieve the sunlight, magic is created.

Find her magical creation here or here.

come fly with me


firebird ballerina

Designer-craftisan @ Folkmanis

I was thinking if I want to give or get a gift this X-mas what it would be! Among very few things I am eyeing this firebird. It seems this puppet ballerina has played some magical tricks on me!

From a humble beginning as a sidewalk vendor on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California; Judy Folkmanis and her husband Atis have created a puppet empire. Their realistic and heartwarming work see  here.

tribal art modern gifts

Warli the tribal craft of Maharashtra, inspires these unique gifts:


warli pyramid lamp

Craftsperson Manik @ Craftsbridge

Warli pyramid lamp – A unique pyramid shaped lamp made in handmade Paper with traditional Warli painting on it.


chime warli clock (pinewood) (Manik)

The warli art depicts a group of warli women performing their traditional folk dance around the dial of the clock. The dangling wall clock is adorned at the top with a horizontal wooden section, which is also garnished with warli art. The wind chime is made from stone beads and seashells.


warli clock (Manik)

A very trendy, & colourful wall clock which has motifs of mother and child depicted in warli tribal painting.


warli desk organizer (pinewood)

Craftsperson Spellbound @ Craftsbridge


warli lamp shade (spellbound)


Painted Prayers of India


At this moment I am exactly doing rangoli.

Rangoli is called painted prayers of India.




I am doing rangoli since I was a kid. When I was a kid we had a raised platform in the courtyard especially made for rangoli. We used to buy permanent paints (samples used to come in small amounts) and used to take 2-3 days to make rangolis all over house at different places. We never used to get tired. I still do it but now with flowers or powder colours.



All over India rangoli is done at different festivals or even on everyday basis and has different names such as Alpana in West Bengal, Kolam in south etc.






from Bangladesh


please click to enlarge to see stepwise alpana

Here are some sites with beautiful patterne , info & how-tos…

Animation of a rangoli design.

Some beautiful rangoli designs.

Tips and rangoli designs.

more rangoli patterns.


Tomorrow is diwali and I wish I had more time to do this post on my favourite art & craft but…  (maybe…no Iwill definitely do a region wise post again on this topic),   (& if my fellow bloggers have done a post on same topic  I would add their links later.)

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