explosion of colours

Don’t tell me later that I didn’t warn you enough!



These mind boggling colourful prints are from The African Fabric Shop website.

It is run by Magie Relph who as a cook used to travel Africa and thus got interested in African textiles. She now tries to supports small scale craft producers and gives back a percentage to small African charities from the sales of various fabrics.

I had stumbled upon this site while researching for the post ‘mud art of Kutch‘ . The site has mud clothes which is a subject for completely another post (which I will do later). This website for me is a info house where  I learnt a lot about textiles from Africa.

Totally eye catching and playing with and teasing the visual senses are these prints from different parts of Africa…


village panel

huts-black_fq.gif  dolls-black_fq.gif



All the above prints are from- my African village-prints. 


flower power (wax prints)


underpass (wax prints)


kudinda (hand screen printed in Zimbabwe)


rollin’ and tumblin’

This quilt and  two quilts  below are by Magie Relph.


I’ve got a rock ‘n’roll heart

She has used own hand-dyed fabrics, Gambian batiks and Nigerian Adire cloth.


Ashanti tales -the serpent

Inspiration – serpents are an important part of Ashanti life. They are both respected and avoided!


safari prints-1


safari prints-2


Korhogo cloth from Côte d’Ivoire



(three cats prints now produced in Africa)

7 thoughts on “explosion of colours”

  1. To get wonderful African wax prints from Binzhou Group Co.,Ltd (China),Please contact:sales3@bzh.net.cn
    Shirly Wang
    86-543-388 8282

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to buy several meters of the fabric design labelled,”huts”. Where can I get it? I’m in South Africa.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Kenya safaris,

    Thanks for the info. I am sure they have wonderful and colourful prints.

  4. There are many african fabric shops in nairobi. There we can find lots of eye catching prints. Most of the tourists who comes to kenya visit the fabric stores.

  5. there is an african store nearby. they had amazing patters , mud clothes were the best.. looking forward

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