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             designer – Neil Foley Designs

I don’t know where to start from for this incredibly talented young Indian designer, Bangaluru based Neil Foley. He has won red dot award, he has won Elle décor awards, he has won opu…, he has won..- well, well let me just sum up like this – each of his designs are of award winning quality and he has won about 30 + awards in last nine years.


twig-fruit holder

As the name suggests, the design is a stylized version of a twig or a branch. Taking a fruit from the fruit holder is like plucking a fruit from the trees. (Material used: stainless steel, cast aluminium)


drops – paperweight

(material – acrylic)


flower-vase-ripplenf1.gif flower-vase-ripple.gif

ripple – vase

(materials used acrylic and aluminium)

I love to discover how a designer works- his inspiration and functionality study. Here is few more Neil Foley designs with inspiration saga-uncut!


ant – book holder

(polished aluminium)


  caterpillar – floor lamp

(stainless steel and acrylic)


urchin – tooth pick holder


(There will be another post on his other designs soon.)

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