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public seating cum info display system

When I discover talented young Indian designers I feel excited like a child. When I saw this Indore based designer Vishal Thakur’s work I instantly fell for it. For his designs are ‘form follows function’ based and that is something you know I always go for.

I believe that functional and simple designs are much more difficult to make.

Today I want to talk about just one of his designs i- SEAT (prototype).

i-SEAT is a very smart public seating system cum advertising and info display. It is a solution for utilizing spaces for seating without obstructing movement. In designer’s words seating system at public places like transportation hubs and malls often fail to meet the seating space demand at peak times. Large seating spaces require large areas and restrict movement. So the smart i-SEAT.


How it works…


click to enlarge to see how it works

i-SEAT consists of four sets of triangular frames with front surfaces covered by vinyl display board carrying visual communication. A pair of stainless steel finish surfaces acts as chair base & back.

In vertical position i-SEAT appears as advertising/info display station as seats remain locked up in the triangular frame.

In horizontal position i-SEAT acts as seating system as chair base and back pop out by rotating along central bar and locks into a mechanical gear. A support hinged to base folds out and positions itself to take care of support needs.


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(watch this space as I am going to bring soon (too excited in fact) an amazing functional kitchen design from the same designer (Vishal Thakur) the kind of I dreamed about and wrote in my about -my blog.

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