Decor from South Africa


Weaver bowl

(Three quarters of a natural ostrich egg shell polished and perched on 3 metal legs!)

Designers: @ Jacaranda Style

These are few stunning pieces made out of ostrich egg shell.

The egg shell is collected after the ostrich chick hatches.

The artisan is the heart of Jacaranda Style. (Says their website!)

Artisans are from South Africa.

Supporting artists and creating meaningful employment is an integral part of Jacaranda Style’s mission.

Dori Rootenberg is the founder and sole curator of the Jacaranda Style collection.

A portion of every sale is donated to the Ethembeni School for disabled children in South Africa.

Mosaic Frame

Thousands of ostrich egg shell shards are used to create this stunning frame. No two frames come out same as handwork and natural materials are used in creation.


Egg bowl – gold

A part of an ostrich egg – hand carved, polished and painted with gold metallic colour.


Brass bracelets are covered with mosaic work using ostrich eggshell shards through an elaborate process.

And few other beautiful ethnic pieces ?

Ndebele dolls

These dolls capture the exuberant style of women of Ndebele tribe. Ndebele tribe is smallest tribe in South Africa and their women are most colourful and distinctive in their adornment.

artisans applying their master strokes


Aladdin tea pot – handpainted

Creme suede pot

Chocolate Suede Pot

(Inspired by traditional South African Zulu beer pots)

Artisans @ work

Pedestal bowl – hand painted


Hand painted plate and condiment bowl

Ceramic Platter – hand painted

Artisans at work

Check the whole collection here.


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