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 Designer: Shweta Jain

This Delhi based young designer has her hands full of all kinds of designs. Shweta Jain, the incredibly versatile designer draws her inspiration from various things like musical instruments, a sailboat and mainly rich Indian traditional crafts. She is also into photography. Few of her beautiful and exotic renderings from a huge portfolio



A CD rack out of wood and glass drawing inspiration from a sailboat.


on the beach – series


who says glamour is black – series


its rich when its India- series


home decor range


its rich when its India



x-mas design collections


wall sconce


metal lantern


corel artwork

(She has designed many of these products for zodax, indus valley, target etc.)

5 thoughts on “traditional adaptations”

  1. Dear Shweta,

    I run a design store in Ahmedabad and am very interested in showcasing your products. Would you please mail me a copy of your portfolio and products. Also could you please give me your contact number so we could speak about this in length.

    Tanvi Kapur

  2. Loved the ‘on the beach’, ‘home decor’ and who says glamour is black series. Neat stuff indeed!

  3. Dear Anrosh

    Thanks for the lovely note. Well since you really liked the bag… i can tell you some interesting facts about this bag… I designed it while I was doing my design course.. and we had a leather module… we were supposed to make some leather products all by ourself. I decided to make this bag using numerous techniques like, joining different peices through thonging technique (well this is reallt tough as you have to be careful while punching holes as they need to match to the co-ordinating peice), weaving of differetn kinds. The handle and the front has weaving… side panel of the bag also has weaving done in contrasting color.


  4. Lovely Lovely post!

    You have a very interesting perspective on Indian Design and I greatly admire that:-)


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