a shade of simple brilliance in opulence

Most people know them as maharajas (kings) of Indian fashion, the reviving kings of chikan, jardozi and sequins & beadwork craft. They claim that they do not make garments, they make heirlooms.



        a high chair with mirror inlay done in wood



                                traditional entrance

The designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla is known for words like opulence, magnificence and splendour.
Few people know that this maximalist to the core duo also does the interiors. They are sought after by India’s Hollywood actors and top businessmen for their ‘architecturally-designed chairs’.
What; I like, in their work is a shade of brilliance here and there.(See the chair, mirror work ceiling and dining table with chairs like drawers).

Interesting is to note that both have started their work with design related fields but lack proffessional training.


     ceiling with embroidered mirror work


     earthy restroom with Dholpur stone


                 fibreglass mask lights


          dining table with slide in chairs


                        slate and mirror study desk

6 thoughts on “a shade of simple brilliance in opulence”

  1. I loved the restroom & the mirror work fabric on the ceiling – if only they hadn’t frilled the edges 🙁 but well.
    But thanx for sharing that they are untrained – thats really inspirational! i love the white on white intricacies they are famous for in fashion.

  2. Wow!!!!!
    The first one, with the blue room, adore.
    The one with the slide in chairs, too beautiful.
    Thanks!!! All of it is inspiring.

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