siamese art

There are certain movements and thoughts which have a timeless quality about these pieces of art. There is one common thread which appears like a recurring motif, and that is ‘bends in a road, paths crossed, corners turned ‘(Sandra Tarantino) which traps life beautifully.
Hemi Bawa was born in India in 1948. Sandra Tarantino was born in Canada in 1973. Hemi creates kiln-fired cast glass sculptures and sculptures of glass with metal, wood, or acrylic. While in Sandra Tarantino‘s works the physical base of shaped forms are constructed out of wood, which are then covered with pre-gessoed and painted canvas.

Both are continents apart, generations apart, mediums apart but still make a beautiful connection.


                         Hemi Bawa (glass+copper)


                      Sandra Tarantino(shaped canvas)


                                    Hemi Bawa


                                    Sandra Tarantino


         Hemi Bawa                     Sandra Tarantino

I was about to do a post on Hemi Bawa then I saw Sandra Tarantino’s work in an eye for an interior‘s beautiful post ‘expression of art’. I instantly saw a cosmic relation.

Boundaries merge when thought process starts travelling!

5 thoughts on “siamese art”

  1. Vineeta and
    Arch thanks!

    desiring and dreaming has nothing to do with well affordability! am I right?

  2. Flute!
    Love the Hemi work. It is beautiful. The other is nice too.
    The last photo of the stacked glass with interspersed cubes of art lit up….way too beautiful. I could put that in my spa hallway. I love it.
    Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Very unique work. both Hemi Bawas & Sandra Tarantinos. The world is full of intersting parallels, you’ve showcased an interesting pair.

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