A Courtyard Office

a Courtyard Office, an Elephant Village, a Garden Wall House, a Street in Attic!

What are these? And who can think of these types? I say only the one who is deeply rooted in building economically as well as socially sustainable lives! Rahul Mehrotra a veteran in Indian architecture scene is this person, I am going to talk about on this Environment day.

courtyard office

Architects: Rahul Mehrotra Associate Architects

How spaces can be used, how a courtyard can be used.

courtyard houses, seen many but this is a courtyard office.

(Coimbatore, India)

Take tradition merge with modernity, take vernacular means and device and bent it for contemporary comforts. And with this create a cohesive, relevant and sustainable architecture.

Reinterpret, cross and merge the boundaries and demarcate, and use local material & knowledge seems the mantra of RMA architects.

Touching some of the amazing projects of RMA architects:

garden wall house

Garden Wall House


Garden Wall House

garden wall house

Garden wall House


Garden wall House


Garden wall House


Elephant Village – ongoing poroject

What could have been just an elephant stable is taking an immensely interesting turn in shape of an elegantly design ‘Hathi Gaon’ (elephant village) due to architect’s vision and work.

A socially and ecologically viable unit is being created with regeneration of desert landscape, heritage tourism and low-cost housing for ‘mahouts’ (elephant caretakers).

New water sources are created via excavating pits in the area which was earlier sand queries. Elephants, plant and people are sustained by this monsoon rain catching pools and ponds.

elephant village

Courtyard houses are made around stables. A central courtyard with lowered gateway to prevent entry of elephants is made for mahouts and their families.

corporate office

Corporate Office – ongoing project

vernacular architecture

Xanta Ashram, Goa (residential) -vernacular architecture

vernacular architecture

Artist’s house – terracotta tiles


House in Cantonment, Ahmedabad


Cantonment house -artwork by S Vasudev

cantonment ahmedabad

Cantonment house

a street-like interior in an attic

Rahul Mehrotra is also very actively involved with preservation & reuse and restoration of historical sites. To see more of  RMA architects’ work , go here.

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