Mexican Zen

Architects: ARCHAEO Architects

This is a very happy and clever blending of Asian design and Southwestern architecture by ARCHAEO architects. ARCHAEO architects is a Santa Fe (New Mexico) based much award winning firm.

Throughout the house you would find traditional Japanese folk house design detailing, like hand crafted wood joinery with vernacular architecture.

If you thought the round window makes the picture perfect variety, yes you are right!

Spread of Chinese+Mexican+ Japanese.

More of Japanese here.

Think, more of China is here.

Definitely zen!

Definitely Mexican!

Definitely Picture postcard!

If it looks like vernacular Chinese villages prototype, typically of varying pitched roofed variety than you are right; architects meant it to be so!

For more photos and video of the house go here.

(And get ready for more of  refreshingly beautiful architecture from this very architects here on DesignFlute soon.)

Images source: Archaeo Architects

Images Credit: Robert Reck

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