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10 most cockiest furniture

Eimear – mirror

Designer: Colm Keller @ HDK

(showed at ‘Made by memories’ – Furniture fair 2008 )

look! I am so stylish! – says the cocky teenager resting against wall. (I love it)

In a design go a designer’s mood, ideas, hard work, and throwing away 100’s of blueprints. Everything is reflected in the design. It isn’t an easy job.

But a piece of furniture may evoke different emotions in the viewer – consumer; different then as perceived by the designer.

Hats off to designers’ creativity and meaning no offence:-

I declare these ten furniture – most cockiest, very interesting, funny, whimsical or plain mischievous in a subtle way.


Bellow – rocking chair

Designer: Neil Foley

this rocking chair sure wants to leap like a frog. (feel it would be fun and comfy though) 

Tango chair

Designer: Sigurdur Gústafsson @ Kallemo

why shouldn’t I be at party tonight!

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sa re ga ma pa

Sitar chair

Designer: @ Saba

After discovering this sitar chair at Sabaitalia I am felling like singing or playing sitar!

Neither can I sing nor play sitar.

But can share these stunning sitar designs with you.

Sitar – the musical instrument (Hindustani classical music) itself comes with beautiful carvings and designs.

Sitar miniature painting with gold

@ Crafts in India

Sitar in the garden on Flickr by Tablaman

For more images of Sitar go here and here.

tippler chair and stacker'd

Young Indian designer, Garima Aggarwal based in Ahmedabad is a civil engineer by education and furniture designer in the making.

Her conceptual and sample products talk loud enough to tell us what kind of furniture designer she is in the making!


slide n stack


‘Slide n stack’ is an adjustable shelving system that takes inspiration from bamboo grass. It has movable rods, acrylic shelves and back lit stainless steel panel.


the tippler chair


The inspiration for ‘tippler chair’ is wine glass. Ergonomically designed this chair has won her Edida Elle Décor 07 student’s category award.




Stacker’d is a sustainable design which gets my full votes. Made from corrugated paper, it is light weight and needs no adhesive.

(see her profile here too)