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Smile Inspiring Junk Art


Artist: Carolien Adriaansche

It is junk, it is art, it is brilliant!

I did not know the junk could look so smile-inspiringly cute!

The Dutch artist Carolien Adriaansche creats these infinitely adorable creatures from everyday recycled objects – lights bulbs, bottles, gloves, rubber band, caps, utensils etc.

More of her creations here.

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Amazing Recycled Art


And was I able to fly

material: men’s tie

ArtistKaarina Kaikkonen

This artist from Finland Kaarina Kaikkonen through her work tries “to understand where the internal ends and the external begins.”

Her sculptures and installations are made with recycled materials such as second-hand clothing, moulded craft paper.

She is famous for her jacket installations.


material: shoes


Did I reach the harbour

material: men’s shirts


Travelled Journey

material: wooden boats


Toward Light

material: men’s jackets


A Concession Already Made

material: men’s jackets

Images  via:  Artists.fi and Skenet