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The game is on. Play with me. Make your move.


                Dama arm chair by Peter Trumbull Crellin Via Guild


                    shaker Youth chair (originals are rare)

Be the king and sit on these checkerboard chairs!


          Armchair Yozefa of Khofmanna by wittmann

(This chair belongs to Russian Constructivism furniture era-1920 to 1930)(photo compilation by Yulia Sahkarova via salon ru) (Hope the translation is correct!)

You have been checkmated! ha-ha ha!

Indian file

Tsetse has bitten me. Hope it bites you too. Don’t screw your eyebrows, I mean it. Only that this tse-tse bites you not the above one.

If tse- tse would bite anything can happen, your fortune clock would have lone hand. The shy clock might visit your home soon. You may discover milky ducks along your lobby line or you would start talking of ransome and success.


                                                 Indian file

                                  30 little organdi bags lighted.


                                                windfall vase

                           vase hangs with the help of a steel cable.

French designer duo Catherine Levy and Sigolene Prebois run riot of ideas. They made me (purchase) gangster housewife (shopping bag) and naturally I had a loot.


       fortune clock        gangster housewife      ventriloquist

                                        shopping bag                alarm clock


    mirza teapot               nightigloo                   wintercoat

Now I am tired and flop myself on lop-sided chair.

 so Moral of the story is, their site is a delighful play ground.  Go and seek ‘diaporama’ and ‘catalogue’; you would find ‘treasure’. The funny , the brilliant, the duo and the products have many tales to tell.

A friendly designflute advice : don’t go to this site in hurry. take at least oo minutes and then go.

leave me alone


The element of constant fun is necessary for us as we struggle with a difficult boss, traffic or kids’ studies everyday. I wonder why very few people try fun things in there decor. It certainly is no easy thing to achieve a comfy, elegant as well as fun decor style.

If I had  such a hallway I would tempted to put things straight or make a comment every time I walked by.