Buddies From Flower World!

flower girls


Flower girls/Blossom buddies by Elsa Mora

This flower girls and blossom buddies are creation of extreme delicate sensitivity! Multimedia artist Elsa Mora‘s creations transport me to a magical, beautiful world where lots of things and concepts try to touch me! I am reminded of a child, a fairy, an angel, delicate creatures, amazing beauty, things humane, seek creativity where I already find beauty etc. I find these flowery creatures somewhat serene, out of this world and even think may be turn out as depression busters! I definitely smile!

flower girl miriam


flower girl Lizette


Lourdes-flower girl


flower girl by elsa mora

Madelaine/ Odilia

They all are named by the artists! I think they are more than just cute, adorable and endearing. These characters created out of natural elements by Elsa Mora are also turned into a book “Blossom Buddies“. How the whole idea started you can also read here.

blossom buddies by elsa mora

Rossetta and Julianna

flower girls

Ana and Regina

Credit: all images courtesy Elsa Mora

Think Note: We all see flowers almost everyday! What do we create?

(All my regular friends and visitors must be thinking she writes in very few words! What happened today!!!)

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