Wool’s Will

symbols by jenne giles


Felted wool, mixed media

Artist: Jenne Giles

Playing with unexpected matrials is Jenne Giles’ forte.

She is known especially for her wearable art and sculptured textiles in wool. Creative process of Jenne Giles’ felt paintings is as inviting as colours of her creations!

“Felt-making is an almost-alchemical process with a will of its own,” says the artist.


Grid 4

Felted wool, mixed media

arch by Jenne Giles


Felted wool, mixed media

plumbing by jenne giles


Felted wool, mixed media

scarf by jenne giles

Scarf by Jenne Giles

This is the work Jenne Giles is known for. Call it wearable art, art scarf, art wrap, sculpted functional textiles or whatever fancies you. To see more of these beautiful rose scarves, tendril scarves, stone and nihilist scarfs and art wraps go here.

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