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Wool’s Will

symbols by jenne giles


Felted wool, mixed media

Artist: Jenne Giles

Playing with unexpected matrials is Jenne Giles’ forte.

She is known especially for her wearable art and sculptured textiles in wool. Creative process of Jenne Giles’ felt paintings is as inviting as colours of her creations!

“Felt-making is an almost-alchemical process with a will of its own,” says the artist.

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A Color Poem



By Illustrator+Designer+Artist: Archan Nair

Indian artist, art director and illustrator Archan Nair has a very big client portfolio, won many awards and recognition and has a heavy web presence. But I would like to ignore all these.

I am a little biased towards self-taught people. Archan Nair is a self-developed artist. What else attracts me towards his art is obvious – colors. Amazing use and blending of colors make his illustrations an inspirational color-mine.

sweet content

Sweet Content

He captures moments and phases and create intricate work. Presenting here few creations from his personal and commercial work.

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does this make me a vandal


                                   Does this make me a vandal

                               asks artist Apnavi Thaker herself.

A non-conformist who does not have any formal education in art made her decision to be a painter at the age of six. This Mumbai born artist was in Geneva as a teenager when she got involved in street art; provoking the secure system. Back in Mumbai at the age of 20 she trained under artist Krishnamachari Bose and Artist Jehangir Jani guided her.

No standard way of life for her, she is famous for going bald too. Her artwork is funky, provocative, questioning, a little crude and has certain kind of violence which depicts liberating experiences.

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