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A twig on your dining table

spoon, mahogany

Designer: George Dubinsky

Can you find a better twig on your dining table?!

Better call it artwork!

“My work as a craftsmen designer is intended to provoke positive change in the way we value objects, and our environment. I intend to work in a way that spans the boundaries of craft and design.”  –  George Dubinsky

Agree! The designer’s own words describe exactly what I wanted to say about this creation!

Love the perfect seamless blend of nature and product!

The designer of this piece George Dubinsky is a student? at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence.

Picasso and salt N pepper


salt & pepper, Neha Chandra, dining accessories

Designer: Neha Chandra

Young Indian designer Neha Chandra carefully studied the work of Picasso and picked up basic curves and surfaces in his work and then came up with this beautiful art-y salt and pepper.

There are endless possibilities of designs as you can put pepper shaker in the salt shaker in different ways making a new art piece each time! 

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Designers: @ Creativoo

I couldn’t resist sharing these creations too of Creativoo designers with you. Creativoo is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Shanghai, China.

Are you looking at these … speakers thinking why there is no sound ?!

Are you already shaking it?! (Nowadays I shake my CPU because it doesn’t get started!).

To me these products remind me something of sweet old gramophone design.

Hey! But I am not saying these are speakers or lights or some new age designer chairs!!

I am asking you what these are.

Use some brain salt and I already gave you a two hints!

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