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Designer: 25togo Design Studio

Yes, this is a concrete model of City Skyline but actually what it is?

A concrete CD shelf!


Bring inside the changing images of skyline and if you like neon billboards too. You can create a different skyline each time you put your CDs and DVDs on the CD shelf!

The product is hand made.

25 togo Design Studio from Taiwan has a ‘Kidult’ (kid+adult) spirit and designs everyday products with fun and child-like wonderment.

It is an on-line shop too and interestingly 25 togo Design Studio started its journey from a design, creation and life style blog!

I can’t help wanting another new age environment friendly product from them, is PIXEL coasters.

Pixel coasters

Pixel coasters turn your boring table top into an enjoyable pastime while drinking tea!

PIXEL coasters are watermark printed with dark and light colours. Each small piece (of 1 cm²) can be torn off anytime!

Although made of paper these interesting tea time – play time coasters perform well in absorbing water and can be used repeatedly.

This can be your design!


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