Riveting Spaces


I see a gypsy swirling her skirt here!

Interior Designer: Kathryn Scott Design Studio

Kathryn Scott Design Studio is a New York based interior architecture design firm. A self-taught designer and former painter Kathryn Scott’s work combines a mixture of styles. Reflecting client’s tastes and lifestyle she goes on to create a portrait which is unique, and timeless. What emerge as end result are contemporary minimal and comfortable style spaces with few surprises.

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An urgent plea to vote


If you love

The smile and the shine on the face of this child

Vote for ‘Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children’ American Express Members project to get $1.5 million aid;

So that International Medical Corps can help millions of malnourished children to smile and shine like this one!

Vote doesn’t cost you a thing!

Vote Today as time is running out.

Know more facts here.

Click Her to Vote.

You can vote till  13th of October – for next three days.


(image and video source:IMC)

I have voted and if you like you can also

Vote For ‘Feeding 1 million children daily’ project by Akshaya Patra Foundation.

(To provide school lunch to children across India)


High and Low ways of living


Flying  carpet armchair

Designer: Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007)

@ Friedman Benda Gallery – selected works exhibited (May 1- June 21, 2008)

While watching TV or reading a book, ‘a strange thing happens’ to me. I am comfortably sitting on a chair or sofa and then I end up sitting on the floor!

How this happens; go unnoticed! Perhaps between the sofa and floor rests some curling up, stretching and bending activities!!

I do not know with how many of you ‘this strange thing happens’ but to my kind of people these furniture pieces are remarkably comfortable and suitable!

I wonder why many more such designs are not there?

High and Low living

Designer: Studioroom906

This furniture responds to variations in sitting habits of different cultures and situations. So the western chaise lounge is extended to a carpet of eastern craftsmanship.

material: felt and wool


Designer: Suzukikegroup

Luxury of sitting in countless ways! Indeed!

material: leather and steel



World Animal Day


Offerings (ceramic art)

Artist: Shampa Shah @ Lemon Grasshopper Art gallery

Feeling angry at how easily actors and politicians in India kill rare and protected species and get away scot-free or lightly!

Don’t want to say more as this creation of artist Shampa Shah says everything too well!

We can pledge support in various ways ?

Download an animated screen saver from  World Animal Day

Or Send an E-card here

Or Check these @ Better World qoutes :

The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?”
~Jeremy Bentham

Or Check these interiors : My pet views


Decor from South Africa


Weaver bowl

(Three quarters of a natural ostrich egg shell polished and perched on 3 metal legs!)

Designers: @ Jacaranda Style

These are few stunning pieces made out of ostrich egg shell.

The egg shell is collected after the ostrich chick hatches.

The artisan is the heart of Jacaranda Style. (Says their website!)

Artisans are from South Africa.

Supporting artists and creating meaningful employment is an integral part of Jacaranda Style’s mission.

Dori Rootenberg is the founder and sole curator of the Jacaranda Style collection.

A portion of every sale is donated to the Ethembeni School for disabled children in South Africa.

Mosaic Frame

Thousands of ostrich egg shell shards are used to create this stunning frame. No two frames come out same as handwork and natural materials are used in creation.


Egg bowl – gold

A part of an ostrich egg – hand carved, polished and painted with gold metallic colour.

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A Persian architecture residential tower in concrete jungle



Della Tower

By: Architects-planners-designers-constructors @ Della Tecnica

(principal architect Jimmy Mistry)

The beauty and culture of ancient Iran is being recreated amidst hustle and bustle of Mumbai city.

A grand, very modern and luxurious residential tower with Persian architecture and ancient Zoroastrian faith is coming up in a very busy suburb (Dadar) of Mumbai.

(An absolute visual delight!)

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