Riveting Spaces


I see a gypsy swirling her skirt here!

Interior Designer: Kathryn Scott Design Studio

Kathryn Scott Design Studio is a New York based interior architecture design firm. A self-taught designer and former painter Kathryn Scott’s work combines a mixture of styles. Reflecting client’s tastes and lifestyle she goes on to create a portrait which is unique, and timeless. What emerge as end result are contemporary minimal and comfortable style spaces with few surprises.


A bit unusual four poster bed!

Pink is light of this dark room!

Out of the box comes – what – colours!

I already mentioned gypsy and colours! But there is sheer earthiness too!

Do you see why I said swirl of some gypsy skirts!


Simple elegance!


Structured modern vs rough rustic


Do you think it is a watercolour canvas!

Take out your best china as …..

As this gorgeous dining table and dainty side cabinet can’t command anything less!


 Tap Dance Show!                               Just the right size basin!


Pull the tassle door knob and you will see a completely different world!

Soft elegance speaks here!


Minimal is beautiful!

Hallway leads to another room!

 So what if it is outside – it is a room!


One thought on “Riveting Spaces”

  1. I just so absolutely love this post. I could stare at each picture for hours. Stunning interiors photographed lovingly.

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