miniature benches on wall


This set of miniature benches image is with me before I started blogging. I just love these cute benches. This is a small little DIY project for me. I was going to put these type of bench-shelves in children’s room. But I have got greedy and planning to put these little cuties in my kithen. My small jars and bottles of spices can sit very comfortably on them!

Anybody who knows the source of these set of miniature benches PLEASE let me know.

EDIT: The enthusiasm of Jennifer Notar (reader) has  made me intensely search for the source of this set of five miniature benches and hurrah! here is the source Ballard Designs!

4 thoughts on “miniature benches on wall”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I can’t thank you enough!!!
    See today I found the site-ballard designs(put the website address in edit in the post) but sadly enough the set is not available at the moment !
    I searched the etsy too. It has few miniature benches but not the ones we wanted.
    And yes you are so right “we are all unique!”

    Love to have you back on my blog!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear what you find out! Yippee! So, “Here’s To” finding what we hunting for!!!!!
    I love this site by the way… is another one for finding unique things…Unique is how we should live for we are all unique!

  3. The set of five benches is on page 42 of the STORAGE magazine by BH and G.

    Interior designer is Julie Neupert phone 503-266-7849, she can tell you where she found them. Also the ones shown in the maganzine are a little less rustic and more streamlined, and are every bit as georgous! Good luck! Please let me know what you find! Thanks, Jennifer

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks a lot for this great info. I will try to find out. Soon…. and definetly let you know!
    meanwhile a very very warm welcome!
    And my! thanks again for taking time and writing so kindly!

  4. I would LOVE to know myself!…I saw this same 4 mini bench set propped in the kitchen in an organization magazine that I bought last night! This is how I found your POST. Thanks a ton, I would love to have them too! Jennifer

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