A work Desk=Persona+Typo

work desk

Persona work desk

Designer: Liviu Avasiloiei

Is this desk perfect for you? Aren’t you going to love a desk with your signature, say initials on it. This work desk Persona is designed by Liviu Avasiloiei.

A typo work station which is fully customizable has all the typography lovers drooling on it. I love this work desk because it is simple, fun and creative!

typo work desk

typo workstation

Transform it with letters you want, adjust the lamp where you want and add some shelves (work in progress) and admire the visual beauty along with.

persona work desk

visual beauty

work desk by Liviu Avasiloiei

table bases

Legs/bases of the work desk

While I am still struggling to pronounce designer’s tongue twister name correctly go check multidisciplinary designer Liviu Avasiloiei’s other work here.

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